BBC Top Gear LEGO Technic Set Announced

October 1, 2019  —  Technic, Top Gear, 2020 Releases

The LEGO Group and the BBC today announced that we'll be seeing a Top Gear licenced LEGO set early next year, with realistic mechanisms. Based on our earlier post with 2020 Technic set information, we think we've figured out what to expect from this mid-range car themed set.

Xbox One Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Speed Champions Bundles Announced

September 25, 2019  —  Gaming, Forza Horizon 4

Microsoft announced today the availability of Xbox One and Xbox One S bundles including Forza Horizon 4 and the LEGO Speed Champions expansion. If you've not picked up the Xbox One so far and the DLC is tempting you, these could be just the bundles to get you started.

LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender 42110 Officially Announced

September 10, 2019  —  Land Rover, Defender, Technic

After leaks and speculation, we're finally seeing the official announcement of the LEGO Technic Land Rover New Defender set with the very appropriate set number of 42110. With over 2500 pieces this is likely to be a big set this holiday season, and it looks like a great build. Read on to find out when the set's going to be available and all the details.

Our Visit to the Full Scale LEGO McLaren Senna

September 7, 2019  —  McLaren, Senna, Full-size

Given we recently reported the full-size LEGO McLaren Senna was on a small tour of the UK it seemed like a shame not to make a trip out to see it at Bluewater Shopping Center. We went and checked this ultra-realistic build out, along with the LEGO "I Love Cars" promotion going on alongside it.

Mercedes-AMG LEGO Speed Champions Tour

September 1, 2019  —  Mercedes, AMG, GT

After noticing an image in the build instructions for the Ferrari F1 Ultimate Garage set of a Speed Champions logo on the flank of a Mercedes-AMG GT we tracked the image down. As a result, we found this cool story around a collaboration two years ago between Mercedes and LEGO to celebrate the release of the Speed Champions AMG GT GT3.

Full-size LEGO McLaren Senna On Tour

August 27, 2019  —  McLaren, Full-size

After unveiling it alongside the Forza Horizon 4 Speed Champions expansion, the full-scale McLaren Senna LEGO car has kept a relatively low profile, short of showing up at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and returning to the McLaren Technology Center (MTC) for employees and visitors to check out. It's going on tour in the UK now briefly, read on to find out where and when.

LEGO Monthly Mini Model Build: Race Car 40328

August 22, 2019  —  Monthly Model Build, F1

LEGO's Monthly Model Build for this month is a Formula 1 style race car in red, set 40328, giving us real Ferrari vibes. We took this opportunity to MOC the set into a few other 2019 F1 liveries and with just 20 steps and being made of around $7 of bricks, it's a super approachable way to get into building your own creations.

Deep Discounts on LEGO Car Sets in the UK

August 21, 2019  —  Technic, Creator Expert, Porsche

Still in the Summer quiet period, some decent discounts have started happening on LEGO Technic and Creator Expert sets that you may be interested in. Take a look, as some of these deals won't hang around for long - this is a great way to stock up before LEGO's fall releases start.

Forum Speculation on 2020 Speed Champions Sets

August 19, 2019  —  2020 Releases

Everything's quiet with it being August and Europe being mostly on vacation, but we picked up this small bit of forum speculation over a potentially leaked list of 2020 Speed Champions sets. While we're not sure about it's accuracy, it's always fun to speculate about what we might see in the line next year.

Williams F1 LEGO Sets

August 16, 2019  —  Williams, F1

Despite being dead last in the 2019 Formula 1 series, the UK-based Williams F1 team have a legendary history in the sport and their cars formed the basis for some interesting sets from LEGO.

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